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The Football Pools has provided customers with the chance to win big cash prizes by playing pool games based on the outcome of football matches for over 90 years. Today, over 300,000 players enjoy Football Pools games every week 

The Football Pools has paid out over £3.2billion to winners and donated over £1.3 billion to sports, the arts and good causes in its 90 year history. 

Business strategy 

The Football Pools strategy is to stabilise then grow revenues through improved customer retention, increases in spend per head from core customers and the recruitment of new players via subscription and online channels. Investment in technology has driven modernisation of the business enabling better cross sell opportunities and a lower, more agile operating base. 

Management team 

The Football Pools management team are proud to be operating from offices in Liverpool, in the North West of the UK, where the Pools has been based since its inception in 1923. To find out more about the team managing The Football Pools strategy. 

The Able Fast website, the first Nigerian website on football pools betting and indeed AFRICAN, is a service offered by Jasogbe Global Network to provide an exciting avenue for Football Pools Stakers from any part of the world, to take get Pools Information as fast as they are out based on the Weekly Fixtures as published by the Pools Promoters Association in London. 

Over the years we have built a solid reputation based on our transparent reliability. We remain very proud to have played great roles in turning around the lives and fortunes of so many people, ever since we started. And we still look forward to the important part we shall play in the making of many more people. For past Pools Result and Advance Pools Fixtures, classified Football Pools Results as soon as they are confirmed, is the one stop website.