Week 14 Banker: Date of Play = Week Number Football Pools Key

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WEEK 14 Same Week Number and Date of Play Settings.

We have four colours in football pools

Red, Purple, Brown, Blue. 

The system started last year and it is yet to fail a single week. 

RED: 17CBK + 2others in Week 19, 2016/2017, http://ablefast.com/results/2016-11-19


PURPLE: 22CBK + 2 others in Week 24, 2016/2017, http://ablefast.com/results/2016-12-24


BROWN: 07CBK + 2 others in Week 09, 2017/2018, http://ablefast.com/results/2017-09-09


The setting is the Date of Play and Week Number must be the same and we are left with the last colour to hit the Jackpot. The proof is exclusively ours and you just cannot figure it out if you do not have the key.

The system actually forced Man Utd. to pick a draw with Stoke in Week 09 which ended 2-2 scoreDraw.

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